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Rent Live!

Who watched Rent Live! last night? What did you think? I absolutely loved it, which I’ve seen mixed reviews. The Broadway version of Rent can’t be touched, so when I went into watching it last night I was just happy thinking of this separately from the original. I’m not really even big on the movie version which has almost all of the original cast. I thought Jordan was great as was the cast for most of the show. There were lyric changes and things changed around as expected because it was a primetime special. You can’t be saying Dildo and some curse words during it. Which was not a problem for me. The audience was distracting at times, but eventually you could tune them out if you wanted. There were Easter eggs in the event as well, which was cool to spot. Feel free to tweet or leave a comment on this post letting me know what you thought.

As promised, I’ve added production stills, behind the scenes and more (captures will be added later today) to the gallery.


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