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Jordan talks DWTS: Juniors with HollywoodLife.

Dancing With the Stars season 25 champion Jordan Fisher has a different role in the ballroom on DWTS: Juniors. He’s the host alongside season 25 alum Frankie Muniz. The series currently airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on ABC. “I feel very at home at Dancing With the Stars,” Jordan told HollywoodLife. “I’ve been a part of the family for a year now.” Being a host of DWTS: Juniors was the perfect fit for Jordan.

“For me, there has been a piece that has been missing, and I think it’s definitely been the kids. There’s magic in the ballroom when the energy of the kids is present,” Jordan continued. “I think that’s really evident when you’re watching the show. Especially when you’re in the ballroom and being able to be a part of their journeys, and to watch them grow and to cheer for them and to root for them. I think we kind of inevitably, as human beings, you just naturally want to see kids do well. That’s just something that’s just built in us. We want to kids do something that they love and do well and be happy. That is this show. It’s so magical.”

Jordan is well aware of how hard it is to learn new dances every single week, so the kids have his utmost respect. “I know how hard it is to tackle something you’ve never done before and learn something so new and be challenged with something brand new every week,” he said. “Having such a short amount of time to learn it and to figure out how to perform it and perform it at the best of your ability on national television. There’s so much pressure where that’s concerned.”

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